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Steph and Karine Wedding

Stephanie (Steph) and Karine are two RCMP officers who have quite the story. Karine's custom vow played throughout the video above explains a lot of that story so I will leave the film to tell it best. When Steph first contacted me about doing a film I was a bit...

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Bare Beauty

It's no secret that I am super excited to showcase some new drone footage for 2016 clients. We've had several commercial inquiries in the past month and a few bookings. I am really hoping a few wedding couples take advantage of the birds eye view as well. It takes a...

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Our New Drone

The new DJI Phantom 4. We know tools are simply pieces to a bigger story, but it's hard not to get excited about something as cool as a drone. Every guy on earth wants to play with one, and every human with a heartbeat loves the jaw dropping perspective it gives us....

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Cody & Erin

Trailer Main Feature Cody and Erin have overcome obstacles of a long distance relationship between Florida, USA and New Brunswick, Canada. They celebrated their beautiful union at one of the most gorgeous settings at St Andrews By the Sea. You couldn't have painted a...

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Justine & Fadi

Main Feature I felt like I got to know Justine and Fadi quite well through the Skype session we had and the 1 amazing day we got to spend together. Fadi is an outgoing friendly guy who is full of energy and taking action, and Justine is the planner and the study who...

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Cynthia & Vincent

Trailer Main Feature Authentic, generous, and loving is how I would describe this beautiful young couple from Cap-Pelé. Even though they knew I struggle with the french language they were so considerate of my needs all day long. They asked me if I needed water and...

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