Stephanie (Steph) and Karine are two RCMP officers who have quite the story. Karine’s custom vow played throughout the video above explains a lot of that story so I will leave the film to tell it best. When Steph first contacted me about doing a film I was a bit excited at the opportunity to film my first same-sex wedding. I had no sweet clue what it would be like, but I am attracted to new experiences and this was one I was hoping I could be part of and glad that I was.

The entire wedding day, right from the very beginning of when I landed in Shediac, NB to film Karine get ready with her family and friends, I felt a lot of love in the hotel room. Once Karine opened her gift I was blown away by the custom touches and how much thought went into it. There was not only a scrapbook made about their story, but there was hand written letters from several family members and friends, including Steph. There were lots of laughs and tears, but you could feel the joy and how happy everyone was in that room that these two found each other.

Steph and Karine became friends of mine on their wedding day. Their sincerity and love felt on this day was a beautiful thing to witness and I’m glad I was able to create a little piece of family history.

Photographer: Philip Boudreau (
DJ: Serge Goguen (