The new DJI Phantom 4. We know tools are simply pieces to a bigger story, but it’s hard not to get excited about something as cool as a drone. Every guy on earth wants to play with one, and every human with a heartbeat loves the jaw dropping perspective it gives us. That’s why we’ve added the new Phantom 4 drone to Memorywalk’s line-up.

The drone will be used for weddings as an a la carte option and will be included in the Bliss package at no extra cost. Using drones has it’s limitations as it cannot be flown close to buildings or used on a windy day. The Phantom will also be used for business projects giving the next step of production value that our clients are seeking. In our next business project we will be filming this summer, our client is already excited about the possibilities this new perspective will give to enhance telling their story.

If you haven’t heard of some of the neat features the new DJI drone offers, feel free to check out the release video below. It’s by far the safest and most technologically advanced drone released to date.