Main Feature

I felt like I got to know Justine and Fadi quite well through the Skype session we had and the 1 amazing day we got to spend together. Fadi is an outgoing friendly guy who is full of energy and taking action, and Justine is the planner and the study who has determination and perseverance written all over her. They’re personalities blend so well together and compliment one another so well that everyone around them can see why they are together.

Speeches are my favourite part to any wedding, and you could feel the love and friendship from everyone who toasted to the couple that day. It truly is a wedding I won’t forget!

We LOVED the video that Jeremy created for our wedding. He was able to capture the day and us perfectly! It was more than we had hoped for. During the day, he did a fantastic job of capturing the moments without feeling like we were being filmed. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding, we HIGHLY recommend Jeremy. – Justine (Bride)