Commercial/Non-Profit Work


INSO is an amazing project that Memorywalk was blessed to be a part of. The francophone school district Nord-Est contacted us to create this film about social inclusion, not only in schools, but in the community in general. These were great people to work with and the film ended up being a huge success being viewed over 5000 times in the first 24 hours.

Para NB – Get Involved

Para NB is one amazing non-profit organization that get’s people with disabilities active and participating in all types of sports and activities. People who work or volunteer for Para NB go above and beyond and make a big impact in the province of New Brunswick.

Pte David Greenslade Peace Park – Saint John, NB

Memorywalk was honoured to film the opening of the Pte David Greenslade Peace Park. This video was made for the Lucas, Greenslade, Stannix, Poland, Williams, and Kennedy families.
Memorywalk hopes this reaches many people that were affected by the bombing and provides comfort in knowing that your fallen loved ones are being remembered and honoured in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. “We will remember them.”

The Food Program – Yamasa, Dominican Republic

I visited parts of the Dominican that very few Canadians ever get to see. We typically think of the Country as a nice vacation spot with sandy beaches. Even though that’s true, I ended up visiting the poorest villages I have ever seen. People who simply couldn’t survive without help from others. What I didn’t expect to see was the support the local community gave to each other. The poor looked after the poor as best they can. I filmed and documented some of the families that are currently on a support system from the Friends for Life group. They sponsor families in the Dominican and also provide medical treatment to those who cannot afford it themselves. I never felt so blessed after this trip. Simply an amazing experience.