The backup camera for a wedding videographer or even photographer for that matter is an important piece of equipment. If anything goes wrong, whether a fatal drop, or functional issue with your main camera, you need something to quickly switch to in any emergency. I’ve personally been waiting for a new Canon camera to come out that has similar colour settings to the 5D Mark iii, the main camera I typically film with. Most would chose the 7D and that’s still a leading contender at this point, but with news of the 7D Mark ii on the horizon, we are timid on jumping the gun. Canon stats the 7D Mark ii will “set a new benchmark in the APS-C segment.”

Our wishlist for the 7D would include:

  • 60 fps 1920×1080 movie recording
  • Amazing ISO performance nearing the 5D Mark iii for low light situations
  • Keep using the LP-E6 battery so we don’t have to switch batteries
  • Headphones output to check audio (much like 5D Mark iii)

That’s our wishlist and even though most of the items are simple, we really don’t feel the need for auto focus video capabilities or built in wifi etc that other camera’s have. For quality purposes, we always want to see the censors improving and low light performance getting better. Other DSLR brands already have the 60 fps in full HD and since the 7D has been a flagship for indie type videography, I’m hoping Canon decides to throw this into the upgrade. The only reason we really want it is for some scenes that we know we will put into some type of slow motion effect. It’s not something we would regularly shoot with, but it’s a really nice feature to have.