Academy of storytellers

Wow, I feel like I am packing my lunch for the 1st day of school. I’m supporting my new reebok pumps, steps are fresh on the sides, and my crayola markers are all set for another year. Why this sudden feeling of nostalgia and throwbacks like it was 1993? I just signed up for the Academy of Storytellers.

Education is the key to success. We hear this statement from politicians, our parents, and of course our teachers. As I’ve grown older it’s become more prevelant how true this message has always been. That doesn’t mean a certain degree or going to film school is the only way to success, but educating yourself by any means is a vital step to becoming better at whatever you want to do in life. I just made that step and I’m super excited about becoming a better filmmaker because of it.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or even have a child that shows interest in telling stories, the guys at StillMotion and my favourite wedding cinematographer, Joe Simon, are both educators at the Academy of Storytellers. The people here know their stuff, and they’ve been through the process of starting out at weddings and branching out into commercial work. There’s no better people that I want to learn from because the path they’ve paved is the one I want to follow. I’m ecstatic that they’ve gathered the group that they have to offer a tutorial and webinar based program that is all about becoming a better storyteller.

Over the next year I will be enhancing my skill level in every department, and I’m excited to bring that knowledge to my wedding films and commercial work. I’m committed to becoming the absolute best filmmaker I can become, and I share those same butterflies I had at my first day of school back in 1993. This is the next step in the journey for me and my small business Memorywalk Video Productions.

If you’re interested in joining me at the Academy of Storytellers, you can sign up anytime. It’s completely online based and you can watch their tutorials at your leisure. If you have a day job like myself, why not binge on the weekends? The sky is the limit for those who are willing to invest in themselves. (Feel free to message me if you do join!).