Sometimes life brings you the person you were meant to be with a bit later in the journey. Clayton and Sheryl may be grandparents, but there’s no way you could ever tell. They’re love for one another is vibrant and evident. From their vows to the way they showed their affection to one another during their wedding day you could tell they truly felt blessed that they did find one another.

The wedding film encompasses a wide range of emotions that I could immediately notice the bride going through in the early stages of the day. Her sisters speech brought those emotions out as sometimes at weddings, the one’s we hold closest to our hearts are no longer with us. Enjoy!

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for capturing our day for us in the way you have. I am very happy with it and think it is truly beautiful. I love that you put those special words from my mom in there. I would have given anything to have her there and now I will always have them to look back on. It made me cry. I think the video is perfect and can’t wait to share it with my family and friends. I can guarantee I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you so very very much!