Justin & Jennifer Wedding Highlights from Memorywalk on Vimeo.

Justin and Jennifer had one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever been too. The wedding ceremony took place on the steps of Saint John High School, where they first met. The maid of honour made a custom rap to the intro to fresh prince of bel-air and the beautiful couple surprised us all with a first dance mash-up that got the party started quickly! We love filming creative and fun weddings like this. It makes our job even easier but makes it even more worth while to have a professional videographer on hand to capture it all.

We’ve heard that many people picture a videographer being in your face all day, we don’t do that. We use smaller mobile equipement and rarely ever get in your face throughout the entire day. The couple’s we’ve dealt with can attest to that. We also provide stunning wedding videos that highlight your day. This is completely different than what other “old school” videographers provide. If you like the video above, please share it on Facebook. Just paste the link below and you’ve helped spread the word about Memorywalk’s modern wedding video productions.

link- https://vimeo.com/77709749