I had the pleasure of filming my sister-in-law Kaylin Proctor’s (Carlson) and her new husband David’s wedding this past Saturday, May 24th. They are currently in beautiful Hawaii on their honeymoon as I am editing away on their footage. I am a bit jealous but I’m sure my destination couples will bring me to some beautiful locations to make up for it :). It was truly a joy to film this wedding and for many reasons. Not only because I knew the bride and groom, but from a standpoint that everyone was excited and showed their true selves during the day. I film a very candid style and I look to get as much raw emotion and capture the day as it truly is. I take my creativity and mould the emotion and footage into something special that I believe the bride and groom will cherish.

Below is a surprisingly popular Facebook post that shows the video trailer I made for the couple. If you are not following us on Facebook, what are you waiting for! We have lots of weddings lined up this summer that you can sit back and enjoy.

For those brides and grooms out there watching, happy wedding planning!