Lily Lake Partnership

Memorywalk is excited to announce its new partnership with the Lily Lake Pavilion. The Pavilion has been a staple in the Saint John community for many years. It’s known for its hospitality, it’s beautiful location, the lily lake cafe, and of course weddings! Memorywalk is taking its modern wedding videography to the Pavilion to offer a one of a kind service in the greater Saint John area.

One thing not many people know about the Lily Lake Pavilion is that its a non-profit organization. Their funds go back to the community and have a big impact on the youth in Saint John. We couldn’t be more excited and more proud to be working with this organization. It’s the “perfect fit”.

If you’re lucky enough to have your wedding or reception at the Lily Lake feel free to ask about Memorywalk Videography services. Staff at the Lily Lake will be able to point you in the right direction! We create unique and memorable wedding videos that bring your entire day to life all over again.