Our newest piece of equipement couldn’t have come in at a better time; right before wedding season! We took StillMotion’s advice on purchasing a Manfrotto 561HDV monopod. In the past we stuck to the old fashioned tripod. It’s a well built tripod and enables us to get professional shots. What we were missing and what the monopod gives us is movement. We can now quickly take the camera off of the tripod and put it on the monopod in a matter of seconds so we can get that up close shot or different angle that we’re looking for. This is a must have for wedding shooters that go solo.

The fluid head on this monopod is from Manfrotto and since we have a similar one already stationed on our tripod we don’t need to take time to dismantel the entire head and then put it on the monopod. We simply take the quick release plate off and attach it to the monopod. We’ve tested this out in the past few days and it’s so quick that it’s priceless. After getting this beauty out of the box and playing with it for just a few days I am already a big fan. I can’t wait to use this at our next wedding. It’s going to make a big difference in getting more of the story and more intimate shots of the bride and groom.

(Watch a review of the Manfrotto Monopod for weddings and other videography needs)

Introduction to the Manfrotto 561-BHDV-1 from LensRentals.com on Vimeo.

More to come on this exciting 2013 wedding season!