It’s the beginning of a new year and I am truly excited for what 2014 holds for my small video company. 2013 was a bit of a test run to say the least. I got some experience filming a few weddings, corporate events, and some really cool non-profit work. Memorywalk is still in its growing stages but the feedback I am getting from clients and even industry professionals is amazing. The feedback keeps me motivated to keep pushing new limits for what I can provide my clients. In 2014 I plan on going a few steps further with more training and equipement additions. There’s only so much equipement you can bring to a wedding where mobility is key, but there’s a couple small items (that are very expensive) that I plan on adding to the bag. It’s all about raising the production value for my brides and grooms and I will do whatever it takes to be creating the most stunning wedding videos imaginable.

My plans for 2014 is making Memorywalk a pure quality video service. I rather do less weddings at a higher production scope, than tons of weddings where the film is noticeable amateur. I cringe my teeth watching some wedding videos that other companies provide their clients, and guess what, the clients love them. With weddings, it’s going to be really tough not to love your wedding video. As a professional, you know the bar level you’re at and where you want to be at. We see the wedding videos being produced by top film companies and they make everyone’s jaw drop. The key to being an amazing wedding videographer is showing a wedding video to someone who doesn’t know the family involved and says “Wow, that was amazing”.

Memorywalk Video Productions has a bright future in 2014 and I can’t wait to film and show the world what I can create.