Get Involved – Para NB from Memorywalk on Vimeo.

Weddings are typically filled with joy and happiness and each one ends up being completely unique to the next. Corporate and non-profit work tends to be more structured with a plan of attack. I don’t want to say less exciting but it’s typically more of a professional environment where the businesses reputation and brand is on the line. When I was first called about doing a Para NB project this fall in Woodstock, New Brunswick I didn’t know what to expect. It was a bit intimidating but I was excited to film nonetheless. When I found out that an old basketball friend, Denis Dequette, was the photographer for the event, I wasn’t only capturing a great event but catching up with an old friend as well. While filming I noticed many of the participants and volunteers for this event were positive and supportive of each other. I don’t mean to be over dramatic or anything but events like this can really help shape one’s perspective in a huge way.

The Para NB team led by Courtenay Brennan are the above and beyond the line of duty type of people. They more than deserve to be noticed for their hard work and dedication. I hope you will take time to watch their new promo video titled “Get Involved” above. If the video speaks to you I would ask that you contact the Para NB team through their website to see how you can volunteer some of your time to make a big impact in the province of New Brunswick.