It’s the middle of July 2014 and Memorywalk Video Productions is exploding with inquiries and wedding bookings this year. We are starting to book up for 2015 and we haven’t, up until now, updated our pricing. With that said, there’s only so many weddings I can take on and supply is not keeping up with demand. One of those reason’s is because the quality of our work seems to be impressing clients, and that’s always a good thing. However, I’ve finally decided to take a serious leap from our introductory pricing that so many couples have taken advantage of in the first few years of filming weddings.

In the past year we’ve introduced new colouring techniques, a full new line of professional lenses, more equipment than I can carry most of the time, and experience working with other professionals that is all coming together to create magical wedding films. We hope our clients understand the cost and time it takes to make our films. It’s a dedicated craft that many can attempt but only few can master. We certainly wouldn’t say we’ve mastered it as we’re learning every day, however, we are far beyond the introductory days of just getting our feet wet.

We’re excited about how we can keep on improving and bringing the memories of your wedding day to life in a film you will simply cherish for the rest of your lives. How often do you get the chance to have your own personal film made for you? If any day, it should be your wedding!

To view our new pricing for our 3 popular wedding film packages, please visit –

(PS – If you’re inquired about a wedding in the past 2 weeks you still have the opportunity to book your date under our old pricing schedule up until August 1st. All new inquiries will be subject to new pricing for 2015.

**If you pay the full amount in 2014 for your wedding you won’t be subject to HST next year.