Remember that first time you laid eyes on your husband as you walked down the aisle? What about your first dance? Do the memories of that special time give you chills and bring back that emotion you felt on that day? What about that moment when your mother finishes helping with your dress? As time passes, so do those memories. We often find ourselves looking back at photographs to help us remember that amazing day. When looking at those photographs you will typically see a smile come upon your face. Nothing will ever replace those photos and that’s why a photographer is typically the 2nd and sometimes 1st vendor booked for a wedding day. For those people who want to remember their day in even more detail and capture all the emotion of their wedding day, then here is what those people are looking for…

A wedding highlight video is becoming a “must-have” at weddings in 2014. Once an engaged couple watches what we can create for them, it’s only a matter of time before their date is booked. It’s still new to Atlantic Canada, but new and exciting is a good thing. We enable couples to remember their day to its fullest. Video brings out the emotion and raw moments of a wedding day. When couples go back to watch their wedding film we create, it’s not just a smile, it’s typically tears, laughter, and a bundle of different emotions that brings them right back to that day. If you want to be able to have that feeling for the rest of your lives, there’s no better opportunity than to book your date with Memorywalk Video Productions. We specialize in capturing the emotion and beautiful moments that happen on your wedding day.

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