heart & soul add-on

Would you rather watch your entire wedding day or re-live a love story that features you and yours?

There’s so much that happens from the time a couple first meets until the day they get married. Some people have a story that just needs to be told and brought to life in the form of film. Capturing a great story in the most exciting time of your lives is a beautiful legacy to hold onto. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply filming your wedding day, as we make a living doing just that. But as of today (Valentine’s day), Memorywalk Video Productions is now offering a new addition for those who want to go beyond the wedding day. It’s our new “Heart & Soul” add-on.

It’s the Journey!

Whether it was how you met, how you first fell in love, or how he proposed, if the story is worth telling, why not capture that in the most memorable way possible? When telling these stories right before you make the biggest commitment of your life, it recaps the meaning of marriage itself. It showcases that it’s not just about the wedding day, it’s the journey. Your story can be blended into your wedding footage to create a wedding film filled with emotion.

These types of films do take at least 1 additional day of filming to capture in a setting that both the bride and groom feel comfortable in. In some cases, we can even go back to the same place where you first fell in love. These moments are both best told in multiple settings by multiple people, typically the bride in one location, and the groom in another. These types of shoots typically turn out best when both the bride and groom are the hopeless romantic type and are not shy in front of a camera. Even if you are, we will be sure to help you relax and let your story be told!

When you think about your 25th or even 50th wedding anniversary, try thinking about watching how your husband or wife felt telling “your story” right before your wedding day. Is there anything more romantic than that? Then picture getting to watch all the special moments during that day unfold. It’s our job to preserve those memories and feelings of joy and love and we’re passionate about making your story look like a short film that you would be proud of.

If your marriage goes beyond rings, vows, and cake, and you have a story that you would like to last forever, then add “Heart & Soul” onto your wedding package!

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