If you’re looking to get married in the greater Saint John area you’re probably looking to book your venue before anything else for your wedding day. It’s the base to your wedding and Saint John, NB has lots of options to choose from. Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of venues that showcase their space and features online. Since I personally film weddings at nearly all of Saint John’s top wedding venues I have a decent understanding of each location and have listed many of them below. If any of these locations change at anytime feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the list.

Happy venue hunting and I hope your Saint John wedding is as beautiful and memorable as you seek it out to be!

  1. Lily Lake Pavilion – Very popular spot that’s typically booked up at least a year in advance. Getting a Saturday in less than a years notice is near impossible. It’s not only a landmark in the Saint John area, it’s also a non-profit that takes their proceeds and puts it back into the community helping younger kids in all types of different camps.


  2. Bates Barn – If rustic is what you’re going after Bates Barn is just a 20 minute ride outside the city towards Bellisle. It’s a smaller barn but it has a fantastic country feel that is very popular in the greater Saint John area. A beautiful venue for a rustic wedding.

    Bates Barn Facebook Page

  3. Riverside Country Club – The country club is a posh establishment that has it all. It’s an upper class atmosphere where they go the extra mile to please their members and guests. They do make wedding parties affordable so touch base with them if you’re looking for a venue in the Rothesay area.


  4. Delta – The Delta may be the most popular wedding venue for residents in the uptown and east Saint John area. They make it easy with great catering and other services built into your wedding package, much like others listed as well. With convenient underground parking and a hotel to stay at, it’s always a top option for newlyweds.


  5. Chinese Commerce Centre – I call this place the sleeping giant because they don’t market themselves at all online. It’s a great space but the only issue is parking. It’s not easy to tell guests where to park at this place. If everywhere else is booked, I recommend this great space, just make sure you include a small map for guests that are from out of town in your wedding program.

  6. Marco Polo Cruise Terminal – I am filming another wedding here in May and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a good size space and since it’s new and next to the water, it’s a sought after venue.


If you would like to have your business listed here, tell your brides about wedding videographer, Jeremy McLean. Once Jeremy visits your wedding venue to film a clients wedding, it will be added to the list!