Working with a Photographer from Memorywalk on Vimeo.

Every wedding is going to have a photographer and even though it presents its challenges for a videographer there are ways to make sure both professionals get all the shots and footage they need to make the big day as memorable as possible. They both want the same thing but it takes a true professional with experience to ensure they are working together.

  1. Always introduce yourself to the photographer at the beginning of the day
  2. Plan your wide angle footage and get it when you can. Most often times with a photographer moving around I like to shoot with a longer lens, like my Canon 135mm prime. It enables me to take footage from behind the photographer and still get amazing footage. But we don’t want just one focal length for the entire video. During the ceremony and reception when the photographer is not close to the bride and groom make sure you are moving, getting some wide angle shots.
  3. Lastly, before the dance, talk to the photographer about the lighting situation. It’s usually dark and if the photographer is exact opposite of you, they can take advantage of any back lighting you’re giving off from your on-camera set-up.