Memorywalk provides an exclusive deal to couples who plan their big day with a WPICC wedding planner. If you book your videography packages with a WPICC wedding planner, you can save $200 off Encore & Bliss packages. Wedding Planners know the inside and outs of the industry and this is just another way hiring one will save you more money. Not to mention the time searching for the right company to film the biggest day of your lives.

Memorywalk not only films in Atlantic Canada, but is well equipped for destination weddings as well.

Please take a look at our packages at www.memorywalk.ca/pricing.

Haley Evans is a WPICC certified wedding planner from Natasha’s One Stop Wedding Shop. Feel free to drop by the wedding shop and ask about Haley’s services or simply visit her website, From Menu’s to Venue’s.

Offer valid until December 31st, 2014.