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Stephen & Tricia

This country setting wedding was filled with down to earth family and friends and packed with love and emotion. One thing I truly love about filming weddings is getting to know people and enjoying a lot of big moments in people's lives. The groom, Stephen, and his...

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The Most Important Film

This is the most important film I've ever created entitled "Babymoon". I cannot begin to describe how elated I am to finally release this short film. I love filming weddings and events of all kinds but only so often you get the chance to film or photograph something...

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Matthew & Tracey

Matthew and Tracey love two things. Each other, and their dogs! Ok, they obviously love more than 2 things, but from the time I got to spend with them, I learned where they hold a special place in their hearts. The film represents a broader story than just their...

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Lumix GH4

With a new wedding season starting in a couple weeks we are finalizing the gear bag for this year. Our latest addition is a new camera that we will be filming weddings with, the highly acclaimed GH4. Since there's no camera that is ideal for every situation, we chose...

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Academy of Storytellers

Wow, I feel like I am packing my lunch for the 1st day of school. I'm supporting my new reebok pumps, steps are fresh on the sides, and my crayola markers are all set for another year. Why this sudden feeling of nostalgia and throwbacks like it was 1993? I just signed...

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Telling Your Story

Would you rather watch your entire wedding day or re-live a love story that features you and yours? There's so much that happens from the time a couple first meets until the day they get married. Some people have a story that just needs to be told and brought to life...

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